Community Investment and Impact Measurement

Community investment remains a key part of keeping businesses competitive, ensuring a social licence to operate and strengthening engagement with local stakeholders. However a common drawback of many community investment and sustainability programs is the lack of tangible evidence to show that these programs, initiatives and activities delivered the intended outcomes and positive impact.

For the first time at CSR Asia’s pre-Summit training, CSR Asia is partnering with the Centre of Evidence and Implementation (CEI), to introduce the use of science-based evidence to understand the effectiveness of, and better design impactful programs from the outset. CEI is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using the best evidence in practice and policy to achieve the most desirable social impact, the session will also present a series of case studies from Asia. Practical examples will demonstrate the role of evidence in effective program design, implementation and evaluation as well as policy-making across education, social services and international development. This workshop provides practical steps and key information companies and organisations need to know when designing, developing and implementing impactful community investment programs.

Topics covered: