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Create value for your business and society through strategic community investment.

CSR Asia can provide you with specific community investment advisory in the following areas:

• Community investment programme assessment and benchmarking

• Identifying community needs and resources

• Partnership management

• Identification of a vision, aim and objectives

• Measurement and communication of impact

CSR Asia Community Investment Scorecard

CSR Asia supports companies to monitor, measure and report on the impact of their community investment activities to enable them to achieve greater impact. Our Scorecard is a management and measurement tool that enables clients to identify aims and objectives, set indicators and to measure and report on impact. 

The CSR Asia Community Investment Scorecard is built on the LBG methodology. CSR Asia is an accredited partner in Asia of the LBG.

Under our CSR Asia
Strategic Partnership Programme CSR Asia operates the Community Investment Roundtable (CIRT) to enable member companies to achieve greater community impact.
LBG is an internationally recognised standard for measuring corporate community investment.

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