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Below are some frequently asked questions that we receive on the Strategic Partner Programme. We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have: please contact us at or call +852 3579 8079.

How is the CSR Asia Strategic Partner Programme different from other CSR networks? 
CSR Asia Strategic Partner Programme has its roots firmly in Asia and is the only CSR managed network in Asia. Since our beginnings in Hong Kong in 2004, our presence in Asia now reaches across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia and the UK. Our understanding of country specific CSR issues and sector expertise is second to none.

Should we join if we do not currently have a developed CSR strategy?
Benefits of the Strategic Partner Programme include on-going support and advice to companies, so there is even more reason for companies starting to integrate CSR into their corporate strategy to join. The CSR Asia Strategic Partner Programme helps companies develop and embed CSR their programmes. It is also a safe networking space to discuss challenges with others.

Do my offices operating around the world benefit from the Strategic Partner Programme?
Yes, this is one of the added values of the Strategic Partner Programme. Offices of Strategic Partners operating in any of the countries where CSR Asia has a presence can utilise the programme’s benefits, and can also call upon the local office for informal advice or information.

We already have a robust CSR strategy - why do I need to join the programme?
The CSR Asia Strategic Partner Programme helps companies with an in-depth CSR programme to keep on top of new developments. The Strategic Partner Programme can assist companies to maintain this position by working together as a network to find solutions to long standing issues and set a new CSR agenda for the region.

In what ways does the Strategic Partner Programme increase my visibility in the region?
CSR Asia’s website receives 40,000 unique hits per month and our free weekly newsletter has a circulation of over 10,000 readers worldwide. By featuring case studies of Strategic Partners on our website, newsletter, at our annual Summit, and in CSR Asia corporate materials, we help companies demonstrate their efforts to operate in a responsible manner.

Why are there different levels of partnership?
We recognise that SMEs and NGOs are important stakeholders in developing CSR across the region. By offering different levels of partnership, we try to fulfill our mission to promote sustainable business practices. SME and NGO partners are not entitled to one day with a Director.

How often do we have to renew our partnership?
Partnership is valid for 12 calendar months from the date you enrol.

Is the Strategic Partners fee tax deductable?
Each country will have different tax laws. Please consult with your finance department to check if this is applicable in your country of operation. Participation in the Community Investment Round Table (CIRT) is tax deductable for companies registered in Hong Kong.

To find out more about becoming a Strategic Partner, or to sign up, please get in touch at:

or call +852 3579 8079.

You can also download the brochure here or the sign-up form here


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