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 22 Mar 2017  

CSR Asia Weekly covers CSR issues in the Asia-Pacific region. CSR Asia Weekly is distributed to over 10,000 readers who are shaping the agenda globally. We keep our readers updated on the latest issues, regulations and opinion on sustainable business practices in Asia.

This week in CSR Asia Weekly:

by Richard Welford
Supply chains have always been a significant source of risks to business. Accusations of big brands sourcing from sweatshops continue to find their way into the press. And there are going to be more risks associated with growing concerns over modern slavery, human trafficking and illegal migrant workers. Investors are increasingly realizing that issues associated with poor labour practices can have impacts on the ... (More)
by Angela Foulsham
According to TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, it is often said that illegal wildlife trade is the third most valuable illicit commerce behind drugs and arms. The wildlife trade is currently estimated to be worth tens of billions of US dollars, with its illegal activities reaching across the globe, making wildlife trafficking an international crime. After habitat loss, overexploitation is the second-largest ... (More)

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