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 28 Jun 2017  

CSR Asia Weekly covers CSR issues in the Asia-Pacific region. CSR Asia Weekly is distributed to over 20,000 readers who are shaping the agenda globally. We keep our readers updated on the latest issues, regulations and opinion on sustainable business practices in Asia.

This week in CSR Asia Weekly:

by Jocelyn Ho
Back in the 1970s Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman  stated that the exclusive purpose of business is to increase its returns to stakeholders. He argued that companies adopting CSR would be faced with more binding constraints than companies that did not, making them less competitive. He concluded that acting responsibly risks reducing profits or forgoing revenue in the name of social good1. More ... (More)
by Richard Welford
Over the last few years we have seen that a combination of disruption and innovation has the potential to transform a product or service into one that is easier to use, more efficient, more attractive, more affordable and, sometimes, more sustainable. Linked to sustainability, a disruptive innovation that emphasizes accessible products and services has a lot to offer the poor and other vulnerable groups. If such innovation can ... (More)

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