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CSR Asia Strategic Partner Webinar Series: Digital technologies to build resilience

Thursday 8 November 2018, 3:00 – 3:30pm Hong Kong Time

The Asia-Pacific region is vulnerable to numerous shocks and chronic stresses such as recurrent natural catastrophes, conflicts and protracted crises. Digital technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity to build the resilience of communities, cities and systems not only to survive these shocks and stresses, but also to adapt to them and better prepare for future occurrences. They can help improve transparency, accountability, effectiveness and impact in humanitarian and development programmes. Join this exclusively curated webinar to learn how both cutting-edge and everyday technologies, such as IoT and mobile phones, can be applied to improve resilience across multiple sectors including education, climate, health, food security, and livelihoods.

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Presented by:

Josh Woodard, Regional ICT & Digital Finance Advisor, Asia Pacific, FHI 360

Josh has over ten years of experience in the international development space, primarily focused on helping people use ICT more effectively to achieve development outcomes. He is based in Bangkok from where he works on several different activities across Asia. He leads a Rockefeller Foundation award to identify and support the scale up of high potential digital technologies for positively impacting resilience outcomes. As a part of that work, he published an Inventory of Digital Technologies for Resilience, developed a Planning and Due Diligence tool to help practitioners more effectively integrate digital technologies into their work, and designed and facilitated large scale events on resilience. 

He is the author of numerous toolkits on using technology for development, and has conducted trainings on the appropriate design, deployment and use of technology for hundreds of people across more than 10 countries globally.