Kelly Cooper

Project Manager

Kelly is a Project Manager at CSR Asia based in the Hong Kong office. Her focus is on the delivery of sustainability goals through stakeholder engagement and community investment, as well as addressing sustainability challenges through the facilitation of focus groups, workshops and events for international clients.

Kelly brings international experience in research and the curation of consultancy projects and strategy proposals. Kelly holds a B.Sc. in Earth and Environmental Science from Lancaster University in the UK and an M.A. in Leadership for Sustainable Development from Middlesex University/Forum for the Future.

During her Master’s degree Kelly gained valuable skills in behaviour change initiatives, business development and communication. She focused on energy initiatives, launching a community project on low carbon management to educate residents in energy efficiency with a local London council. She also carried out a research project on the relevance of sustainability and climate change for an international energy corporation and collaborated on a scientific abstract detailing the opportunities for light and energy innovations in London.