Jacky Ng

Senior Project Manager

Jacky is an experienced GRI Standards reporting specialist and sustainability trainer. He believes that corporate sustainability is a key tool companies can use to better manage their risk, contributing to long term gains and value driven returns.

Throughout his five years with CSR Asia, Jacky has worked with both corporates and NGOs to build internal capacity, elevate sustainability performance and disclosure through industry research, strategy development, cross-sector engagement, and reporting and communication.

In the past year alone, Jacky has lead and contributed to over half a dozen sustainability reports (GRI Standards, G4 and ESG guidelines), and several trainings on ESG risks within supply chains. He is also currently undertaking a two-year strategy development project, which includes an international benchmarking survey and CSR engagement workshops and sustainability KPI development. 

Jacky has been involved in projects across various sectors including finance, utility, construction, port and terminal, property development, manufacturing, tele-communications, food and beverages, retail, hospitality and entertainment.

Jacky holds a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Biodiversity from The University of Hong Kong. During university, he interned at Ocean Park Hong Kong and took part in dolphin behavioural research and other local wildlife conservation programmes.